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Post Wedding

Jan 11, 2021 - Posted in:


Post Wedding

Mr and Mrs Idowu who have been married for less than six months had a huge argument and the whole street heard it. Now this couple they don’t leave in the same house as I, but we could hear their voices. In fact when my daughter wanted to go and find out what was going on, I shouted at her to mind her business and warned her not to go outside. That’s how we all behave in Nigeria now, we mind our business; but immediately she went back to her room, I stuck my head out to hear the gist.

Back to the matter at heart, Mr and Mrs Idowu were quarreling because he came back from work, with friends and met the whole house was dirty, his wife who is still searching for a job and not learning any skill at the moment said she was tired and that was why she left the place dirty saying she would do it later. The friends he brought home tried to settle the issue, but she called him out and said he married a wife not a housemaid and that was where the problem increased. Mr Idowu went inside, packed some of his things and left with his friends saying he was done with the marriage. What? A marriage that was barely a year old! The whole street was abuzz with different opinions including mine.

On this issue I am sitting on a fence, the man in the first place had the right to be angry, after all she was at home and should have done minimum cleaning, because sometimes I bring friends home and don’t even know how my house is at times. But I don’t want to believe that he didn’t know the kind of woman he married, at least during the courtship he should have known she was lazy. Yet again some women can be pretentious during courtship, they pretend they are homely then when they become married they show their true colours. Yet again, she might have been sincerely tired, but Mr Idowu kept saying that she has been like that since they got married and now he is fed up, one of the points he kept raising was that they don’t have children, what if they do what would she do? As much as I am an advocate for women are not slaves, women are not supposed to be dirty either and if little things like cleaning the house you live in is an issue, then you are just lazy as a human being.

This leads to the advice I always give on this platform, know your partner well, even though she pretends there will be signs. If you decide to go ahead even with the signs, good for you but know what you are putting yourself into.

I really do hope the Idowus settle their differences because from what I hear from the neighbours she has been calling him and he hasn’t picked her calls.


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